Green Crush With Alan Park – New Year’s Episode 2018

Looking back on 2017 and what it brought to the cannabis community is the theme of the Green Crush New Year’s 2018 Edition. It doesn’t take long to find our vantage point looking forward, highlighted by some of the new laws and ways in different lands, that will somehow affect us all.

Our announced and anticipated guest Cheryl Shuman, CEO and founder of The Beverly Hills Cannabis Club, leaves us in a last-minute lurch, so we do a bit of a profile on her, and what she is trying to accomplish in the newly legalized California. Hopefully, we can confirm her attendance again in the future. Naturally, discussing her bio doesn’t take as long as our interview would have been, but fortunately there is plenty of current cannabis news to fill the void.

Happy New Year from the Green Crush crew! 

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