Green Crush With Alan Park – Episode 21

Episode 21 holds perhaps an unknown reason of why it is superior to usher in a renewal of focus, away from our own native country Canada. Out of disappointment for the missed opportunities and suppressed democratic impulses, here begins our perceptive journey of awareness into countries other than the disappointingly regressive Canada.

Interview with Rhys Cohen, Director of Cannabis Consulting Australia ( ) and its educational training program CANN10 ( ). Unlike anything to our knowledge in Canada or the United States – so far anyway – CANN10 presents a golden opportunity to enhance one’s own knowledge and awareness of cannabis for the betterment of society – the stark and obvious counterpoint to the official government narrative that… “Nothing good ever comes from marijuana”.

Plus, more fat cat police double dipping reveals and history on a family who turned a massive profit from illegal alcohol sales in the earlier previous century, and how they have found a way to do the same in an effort to control cannabis and enlarge their Bronfman Family 2.0 Empire.

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