Green Crush With Alan Park – Episode 20

Episode 20 – A Green Crush turning point… We talk to one of the most prolific cannabis activists Canada has ever seen. Fair enough to say, without the efforts of Jodie Emery and her husband Marc, we may not even be poised to “legalize“ this healthful substance. Getting close to crunch time as far as Canada’s new restrictive, punitive, money-grabbing cannabis laws are concerned, and by that I mean it’s pretty much a done deal despite the facts and official denials.  So on today’s “Cops or Truth” segment, we soundscape the lies and manipulations from one of Canada’s most important policeman, Toronto chief Mark Saunders.  He is taken to task for being full of shit. Henceforth, a turning point for Green Crush as we turn away from the nonsense of Canada to focus on more sensible jurisdictions around the world.

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