Green Crush With Alan Park – Episode 18

Episode 18 Commanding. So far Canada has foot in its mouth and the other in a beartrap of stupidity, regarding its pending legislation proposal designed to further restrict proper cannabis aspect. 

But it seems other countries around the world might doing it properly. Is Ireland one of them? We’ll see.

Irishman Stephen Kelly – representing activist Internet presence, “It Makes Sense“, tells us of Ireland’s very difficult relationship with legalizing cannabis – the last presentation of such a bill was roundly mocked, the politician who brought it forth was much criticized for doing so. 

The newest bill is now working its way through Irish Parliament and so far the signs are good. We will be keeping in touch with the situation. 

This episode brought to you by an uncomfortably visceral reaction to the suspect timing of making a bid to control much of Canadian cannabis market, by a national Canadian drugstore chain/subsidiary of a major grocery store chain – Shoppers Drug Mart©


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