Green Crush With Alan Park – Ep 58 = Conspiracy Queries Episode 130

It’s hard to talk about the Canadian cannabis scene, and not mention Licensed Producers. Like it or not, they are a huge player. We’ve had a guest from that world before, it’s time again.

Aron Cadeau is a Canadian businessman sitting on top of CastleBlack.Com, selling Jamaican grown cannabis to the world.

Like so many active types in this field, Aron comes at this effort honestly through its medicinal abilities that aided someone close to him. It is fascinating to have shepherded a company on both sides of Canada’s legal-lies. Aron has insights on many of the players on both sides of the fence.

We’re also joined today by our new friend from Johannesburg, South Africa – Didier Miguel, who we’ll be having back in the new year for a longer interview. He’s launching Canna Traveller thanks to the recent decriminalization of Dagga. We continue to connect the dots around the globe as Cannabis re-emerges from wrongful suppression, and its rich history is revealed in nearly every culture on earth.

Our resident co-host Paul Hartmann stops in briefly as well.  We’ll of course have him back in the new year with all kinds of new information. – Support Green Crush! Every dollar helps!

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