Green Crush With Alan Park – Ep 32 = Conspiracy Queries Episode 104

Alan Park chats with Filmmaker Cody Lanktree about his documentary project “Dispensed With: A Canadian Cannabis Documentary” and dispensary manager Vikki Smythe, who recently confronted Premiere Kathleen Wynne at a town hall (Much like regular Green Crush listeners will remember Alan did not too long ago) – calls in to add to the conversation.

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Director Cody Lanktree is most inspired by dialogue created by the connection between time, beauty, and our personal truths. In the ten years since HamiltonSeen’s inception, Cody has guided the company from small commercial production to white-boxing partnerships with major marketing firms, and finally to the creation of documentaries focused on community and larger social issues. His vision is one that will not stop at less than fundamentally changing and challenging perspectives and the world.

CODY LANKTREE VIDEO LINKS – A short on the stakes of getting cannabis right – Cody talking about the cannabis community – IndieGoGo campaign ENDS March 24th


TRACY LAMOURIE Executive Producer

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