Green Crush With Alan Park – Ep 26 = Conspiracy Queries Ep 98

Todd Scattini is a three decade veteran of the US military. There he learned more about cannabis than most people learn in their entire lives. Now a civilian, he brings that knowledge to the world with Harvest360 helping people help themselves understand what a powerhouse and miracle substance, this beautiful plant really is. Any sufferers of brain injury will want to know about this. A special thanks to Cannabiz Daily for hooking us up!

A vivid reminder of how much involvement the police have in interfering with cannabis consumption, two of the dispensary-raiders made asses of themselves eating confiscated edibles. This triggers the reminder that all officers should be screened for cannabis consumption before and after their shift.

Terence McKenna, noted psychonautic researcher, pops his head in for inspiration here and there along the way. We close out the show with more insane conspiratorial ramblings from the long deceased American lunatic, Harry Anslinger.

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