Green Crush With Alan Park – Ep 23 = Conspiracy Queries Episode 95

Welcome to Conspiracy Queries with Alan Park – these are the conspiracy queries, I am the Alan Park. 

At long last, it’s Episode 95. Long lost listeners wondered what happened to me… Stage4 prostate cancer. Fully metastasized, a discount wheelchair, a cane to walk, a certain death. 

No longer able to do that show – while looking for a way to live. All of those FACTS out there… yet I was told, “there’s nothing else that can be done.”

On Conspiracy Queries – I asked questions about situations not fully resolved in my mind. This was the show.

But Cancer put serious questions in my mind nowhere near resolved. 

This was the Life. 

And I learned the answer – 

for me and many more…

Is in the cancer. 

The answer, is in C-ancer. C?

Like so many problems… 

The solution was inside the problem.

I told ConQ listeners over the couple of years it was on the Internet and later on Sirius XM… that I couldn’t really do it anymore… that I needed a Break… 

to try using cannabis oil… Thank you Rick Simpson… Still need to talk to him. Thank you good sir.

I began to feel better using and learning more about cannabis. The more I realized… we really can’t talk about cannabis without talking conspiracy.

Revitalized, Green Crush was created to share this knowledge for others to benefit from, it was actually Conspiracy Queries the whole time, lasered on the topic that saved my life. 

When the big 3 doors are closed, there’s another. But some people don’t want you walking through, from giving it a try, especially when their degree tells them, you’re going to die.

The 4th door to stage 5 has made its case. 

And so it’s Episode 23 of GreenCrush. 

And it’s Episode 95 of ConspiracyQueries.

On I go, to experience creative and research efforts as two interwoven strands, connected and intertwined. 

It works for DNA, why not me?


You’re listening to… 

GreenCrush ConspiracyQueries 

with Alan Park 


And thank you

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