Green Crush With Alan Park – Crushmas Episode 2017

The Christmas episode! 

The time of year when you have an episode, and it is Christmas.


Much like the first Crush episode, Alan recounts his medical reasons for telling his particular story and its remedy. This research is the axis of the show, the reason for its existence.


Many of the day’s cannabis related news items are brought to focus, with heavy reminders about the ‘criminality’ – of using a plant to save your own life, of the police inexplicably at the helm of what is being sold as decriminalization, but which is in fact – a legalese-ation. Instead, how about Norway who are eliminating the punishment system in favour of the treatment system.


And we gear up for a six-month slide and fight in Canada into an incorrect system being made, which in truth, needs to be corrected or eliminated, while bringing focus to many other cannabis hotspots around the world who have shown us we can do it a lot better. 

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