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Featured Guests of the Show

Dominick Izzo
Dominick IzzoFormer Police Officer
After witnessing up-close corrupt policing, one of his most powerful conclusions is that no one should be arrested for cannabis possession or consumption. Izzo brings near 20 years of experiential police knowledge, and his best ideas on how to repair the damage it does, to his campaign for the sheriff of Cook County, Illinois.
Dr. Michele Ross
Dr. Michele RossNeuroscientist and Author
IMPACT Network’s founder and Executive Director Michele Ross focuses her neuroscientist brainstem on the the Endocannabinoid Deficiency Foundation – and it becomes the IMPACT Network. She is the Author of “Vitamin Weed: A 4-Step Plan to Prevent and Reverse Endocannabinoid Deficiency”
Dr. Michele Ross explains so much and so clearly, on how she positioned herself to medically, scientifically and experientially understand the power against illness, of our little green friend.
Alicia Yashcheshen
Alicia YashcheshenCo-founder of Saskatchewan Medical Cannabis Association
Yashcheshen is co-founder of the Saskatchewan Medical Cannabis Association, whichincludes around 100 members. She has a Health Canada licence to use marijuana to treat her Crohn’s disease.
Sgt. Joshua Lee
Sgt. Joshua LeeWar Veteran
Sgt. Joshua Lee and his wife Julia – a counsellor, and mental health therapist in trauma – relay Josh’s story of experiencing much anguish from his post-war, 27 different daily medications. This was a result of his time overseas in the military. Fascinating and insightful, the two are advocates Veteran’s Alliance for Compassionate Access.
Jane Dro
Jane DroCannabis Activist Sponsored Athlete
This little lady infuses her life with the plant – Bong Sessions, Concentrates, Edibles, Baking, Cooking and Topicals. She grows and is launching her own glass production.
Chris Griswold
Chris GriswoldComedian Improv Coach
Chris Griswold teaches improv classes in New York City and beyond if you care to contact him – he travels to your down – and explains working through his ADHD and anxiety issues, using their in here and qualities as helpful tools rather than limiting binds.
Barry Foy
Barry FoyCannabis Pioneer
From the 1970s until the early 90s, Barry and his boys were marijuana trafficking pirates. They always worked under the premise that no one was to be hurt or killed. Sure they partied, but only after worked hard to bring back cannabis from all over the world into the United States.
Marcus Rummery
Marcus Rummery Author
Marcus Rummery appears to be a psychonaut, perhaps even a modern day Terence McKenna. He’s even made fun of Terence McKenna so that’s a good start. In our conversation about his psychoactive use, enlightenment, and his new book, Rummery speaks with the casual comfort of someone who has been doing his otherworldly home work.
Jenny Hallam
Jenny HallamMedical Cannabis Activist & Compassionate Supplier
An Australian Medicinal cannabis oil producer, who faces some awful prison time if things don’t go her way… I guess she should’ve thought about that before being so criminally minded as to help people – at no cost – regain their healthful vitality, using a naturally provided, easy-access plant.
Nathan Woodworth
Nathan WoodworthPresident & CEO at J.E.Wagner Cultivation
Nathan has parlayed what were serious migraine headaches, and the realization of their fantastic relief from the cannabis plant, into a flourishing business.
Repurposing a old very large facility in the small Ontario town, Nathan is playing ball with the feds and creating a top strain of aeroponic weed maintaining very high cultivation standards for a top shelf excellent product.
Todd Scattini
Todd ScattiniVeteran of the US military
Todd Scattini is a three decade veteran of the US military. There he learned more about cannabis than most people learn in their entire lives. Now a civilian, he brings that knowledge to the world with Harvest 360, helping people help themselves understand what a powerhouse and miracle substance, this beautiful plant really is. Any sufferers of brain injury will want to know about this.
Shaun Dillon
Shaun DillonChief Marketing Officer at CannabizDaily.co
Larger by the day is the awareness of the many, of the powerful magic of an easily obtainable plant. Chief Marketing Officer from cannabizdaily.co Shaun Dillon, is helping people around the world connect with this information.
Shaun gives his very informed take on how best to quickly increase your knowledge base on this very helpful product – plant – science.
Cody Lanktree
Cody LanktreeFilm Maker
Film documentarian, Hamilton Ontario‘s Cody Lanktree presents his latest project – Dispensed With. A Documentary Film about the importance of Dispensaries and access to Medical Cannabis.
Vikkii Smythe
Vikkii SmytheDispensary Manager from Hamilton
Her engagement at a town hall with Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynnedbag sheds much insight onto the direction that democratic access-to-plant needs to travel. And it ain’t what the government is laying out.