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1 year ago
The world has lost a wealth of knowledge and power. RIP @PaulFlynnMP and thank you for all of your hard work in supporting and moving the legalization of medical cannabis forward for the UK and beyond. Much respect.
1 year ago
Green Crushers - Alan is facing the #Cancer demon again, this time from Jamaica w/ @xenoxonex where he can get the meds and rest he needs to heal.

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TIA and peace & love always to our #cannafam 💚

1 year ago
Happy Holidays Crushers.... ALL NEW E59 = 131 Avail Now at

@alancomic sits down with friend of the show Patrick Whyte of @ConspiracyCult to discuss dispensary raids, the benefits of Cannabis and more!

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1 year ago is not your average #Cannabis company. Find out why at and by watching or listening to our Exclusive, In-depth interview with Aron Cadeau - President and CEO
here -->

#MedicalCannabis #CannabisCommunity
1 year ago
Watch our full interview with Aron Cadeau - President and CEO of

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Then head over to to find out all about this great company, growing #MedicalCannabis in #Jamaica


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