Green Crush With Alan Park – Episode 22

Episode 22 shimmers with synergy between Episode number 11 and today’s efforts. A twinning-up – DNA binding together as the official story dwindles. Our guest from Kansas, USA, shares his vast knowledg with the less experienced. The founder of Kansans For Hemp, Kelly Rippel trades in sustainable water development and distribution to school kids, as he similarily educates us with his acquired data of hemp and cannabis by coming to the Green Crush (stage) fore. 

Before that, some year-end thoughts. Lessons of lingering in the outpost at the edge of this/his alleged existence, trigger a reminiscence that fuels a positive, forward thinking mindset. 

As ever, this expression is designed to both provide comfort to those in a similar place, and an indicator of a well meant life becoming possible, when all other means would take away – thanks again to the plant.

 A politician says something stupid… this time also really funny. It looks like Canada’s Cannabis recriminalization laws may not come off on time according to plan and promise, if a couple of right-leaning Tory senators have anything to do with it.

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