Green Crush With Alan Park – Episode 19

Episode 19 we have a scheduled guest! He works within and around the cannabis industry. He has several fantastic products, some of which are delicious… Some of which involve growing. At the last minute our guest had to cancel, under legal recommendation and/or pressure.

Less than 24 hours after Alan told the premier of Ontario face-to-face, that she is going down the wrong track – only to get a ridiculous non-answer… this episode highlights more evidence that the people creating lie-filled laws, cause the majority of people to avoid publicly proffering one of the most powerful health breakthroughs in the history of our species.  All of this, a taxpayer funded mission to avoid maximum health potential and a democratically burgeoning economy.

This surprise episode of covering several topics – to make up for our missing guest – fingers some of the illegal and suspect activity of our supposed leaders, leading us away, from a democratically preferred health alternative. They subtract facts, add cow pat, and stir – people to think their fiction is the real deal.  This must end, or Green Crush might. 

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