Green Crush With Alan Park – Ep 31 = Conspiracy Queries Episode 103

My latest hospital bone scan and CT scan results: I still have stage 4 terminal cancer! But, it …isn’t – doing, anything? Whatever could be my secret???

Marcus Rummery appears to be a psychonaut, perhaps even a modern day Terence McKenna. He’s even made fun of Terence McKenna so that’s a good start. Rummery speaks with the casual comfort of someone who has been doing his otherworldly home work in our conversation about his psychoactive use, enlightenment, and his new book.

The book, ‘Shamanic Graffiti – 100,000 Years of Drugs, 100 Years of Prohibition’ is co-authored by ‘futurist’, Doctor Tomorrow, aka Shane Ogden. Knowing Marcus as a former fellow comedian, I wanted to explore his situation both mentally and spiritually before and after he wrote the book. He tells us how its revelations have impacted his life. We also discuss what seems a far more sensible means at eliminiating or seriously reducing harder, more addictive substances use.

In our usual news round-up, looks like politicians will be in a tizzy if the $2 gram proposed out of Oregan US catches on. Plus, looks like the customer might be hit from behind as huge corporate mergers in cannabis production occur even before most people are familiar with the players.

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