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Alan Park is best known for his appearances on “The Royal Canadian Air Farce” between 2004 – 2014. Five years ago, Alan was diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer. Today, he airs his views with guests from all over the world on his show, “Green Crush With Alan Park”.

Alan, You have been in comedy for many years. Best known for your appearances on The Royal Canadian Air Farce. Now, you have started Green Crush Podcast. How did that come about?

My comedy years behind me as I was sliding towards the grave, I realized I could resuscitate myself with cannabis oil. At first I wanted to keep all of it a secret, but the more revitalizing success I was able to garner, highlighted the amorality of keeping such a secret.
Talking one on one with people several hours at a time, showed me that I did not have the time for that on a regular basis – and instead to consolidate much of these thoughts and ideas and awarenesses, in a podcast, available for anyone.

What are your long term plans with the podcast?

The Green Crush long-term plans are simply to hold the government-spun fictions accountable, highlight what is true within what they say, and to bring forth knowledge that is either never or reluctantly discussed among most.

In recent years, you were diagnosed with prostate cancer at stage four. What were your options from there?

At the time of my diagnosis – November twentieth 2013, I was told I had an aggressive advanced, stage 4 prostate cancer that had already metastasized into much of my skeleton. Five weeks later a consultation with an avowed prostate expert, confirmed that there was no medical option available for the continuance of my life.
I was advised to get my affairs in order, make peace at the chapel or whatever similar house of worship, and don’t you know they had one right in the hospital.… And to take a palliative drug that would help me “ease on out“.

Have the recent events over the years had an impact on your career?

I have been able to continue in voiceover work for professional income, but I focussed much of my time on research, which kept me away from stand up stages, while I worked to reverse this terminal disease. Green Crush will also be a part of my future stand up plans.

Are you still medicating?

I medicate off and on, at will, when I feel I need it. I trust me now, I rely on allopathy for tri-monthly blood markers and progress reports… all of which remain excellent at this stage – the third anniversary of my guaranteed funeral.

What would you say to cancer patients that refuse to see the beyond the stigma and do not consider cannabis as an option?

For the patient who refuses cannabis due to the stigma, I support their error, it is their journey. If one cannot get past the artificial morality laid down by liars and lawmakers – which is particularly at odds with the Bibles Genesis chapter 1 verses 11, 12 and 29, there’s likely not much to contribute to the greater good from an extended life anyway. If that sounds cold, understand I have won several debates or arguments with people who insisted I was wrong, and many of them are no longer with us.

What was your stance on cannabis before the treatment?

Before treatment I was a former casual partaker of cannabis over these many years, ever since high school. At the time of diagnosis I had not had any cannabis in my body for at least six or seven years.

As a Canadian native, the recent legalization talks have suggested a delay on the initial July 2018 date. What are your views on this and how may it impact Canadians in general?

As far as the legalization date, it has been punted so many times by the federal government, usually just for reasons to allow police to be prepared enough. There in lies the fallacy. Police should not have been initially consulted, should not be in charge of the legalization scheme-scam. It makes me uncomfortable that a prime Liberal party contributor, is the modern day heir to the former Bronfman gang of liquor distributors. It’s easy to see a quite similar template at play to ensconce a very few advantageous hands into the green dip, while criminalizing the rest of us, who have helped bring public access to the fore.

Back to the podcast, who’s next on the show, any heavy hitters lined up?

As for the podcast, it’s going to get more conceptual in 2018, and yes we will have on as you say – heavy hitters – no one I can discuss fully right now.
Many people want to get involved with my unfiltered voice, but fear some sort of reprimand… Even the licensed producers do not want to involve themselves with someone such as myself – touting more of a curative aspect than a symptomatic treatment perspective.

Have you had any thoughts of venturing into the cannabis business, I am sure opportunities are knocking on the door and some interesting conversations are being nurtured?

No one is knocking on my door regarding the cannabis business. So far I am a lone voice, and I’m sure that will continue for sometime. While this might seem disappointing on its face, I am quite happy to continue speaking my mind without some sort of corporate overlords or lawyer telling me what I cannot do, what I must not say. I’m ready to stay underground for as long as it takes, I applaud any official corporate entity to get on board and downside with my truth.

What advice would you give to anyone facing the same battle?

Don’t ask for permission. Grow your own. Boycott government weed. Boycott OCRC. Take responsibility for your own health. There are three main treatment doors for cancer… Sometimes they’re all closed to you… Do not be so foolish as to ignore the 4th door, to the 5th stage of cancer – aka the freedom from it.

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