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Show Host – Alan Park

Alan Park  is a Canadian comedian and political satirist best known for CBC’s “Royal Canadian Air Farce,” The Wall of Comedy, Much Music’s “Video On Trial” and Comedy Network’s “Pop Cultured.” Park was diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal prostate cancer in 2013, without the option for conventional treatment. Seeing Cannabis in the media, he decided to try every alternative therapy that might save his life. Within days Alan was off pain relieving opiods and within months his PSA Scores were down from 700 to 1.5!

Soon after discovering the healing qualities of cannabis oil, Alan decided that he should share his experience with a wider public. Green Crush With Alan Park, his new podcast, explores, educates and advocates for the democratic decriminalization of cannabis by way of irreverent, funny and empowering dialogue.


Four years beyond his Stage4 terminal prostate cancer diagnosis, 3 years beyond his projected funeral, surviving and thriving comedian, Alan Park, returns to the mic stand to expose the suppressed benefits of Cannabis and Hemp. Initially a secretive journey shrouded in doubt and anecdotal theories, the pending legalization of Cannabis around the world opened up the dialogue for thousands also crediting the plant for saving and/or improving their lives.

With the mission to educate and inspire, Green Crush provides a global platform for specialists in the now burgeoning cannabis industry and addresses real issues that are affecting the world.  Alan’s comedy experience and work on TV and radio bring an even more entertaining and captivating vibe to the significant issues, discussed in the podcast. Sharing medical, political, technical and business knowledge surrounding the cannabis movement, we can and are improving the future.

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Before staring his show Green Crush, Alan Park hosted a show, called “CONSPIRACY QUERIES”. The show asks the question: “why don’t we ask more questions?” Are people afraid of the answers? By exploring all “Conspiratorial” topics including Corporate Corruption, Government Cover-ups, Geopolitics,  Black Ops, UFOs, Secret Societies, Alternative History, and Technology, Alan aims to find the real truth by questioning the “Official Story” and to uncover how and why we are being lied to.

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